Stop Blanket Weed Now
How to stop blanket weed in your pond
by Peter Mills, Aquatics Expert, Henley Water Gardens

Blanket Weed is present in ninety per cent of ponds. It weaves green stringy strands around
plants and generally takes over your pond.

Blanket Weed is a multi-cellular algae which multiplies very rapidly, especially in the summer.

It will grow in most water conditions but thrives in areas with harder water and feeds on nitrates and phosphates.


Thankfully there are quite a few products on the market to combat this nuisance.


“Stop Blanketweed” by Evolution Aqua. This is a completely chemical free powder product, which does not send your pool murky for days on end and which is harmless to livestock and plants. The feedback we have on the success of this product is phenomenal. It does have to be regularly re-applied, and, as with all other treatments, for it to work properly, you do need to know the volume of your pool and apply the recommended doses at the correct intervals.

 Stop blanket weed with Evolution Aqua ...

If you really want to go to town on Blanket Weed, then the ultimate piece of equipment is the I-Tronic Blanket Weed Control Unit by Velda. It is absolutely brilliant, but it is a serious piece of equipment and must be used properly in accordance with the instructions and with caution. It must not be used with salt treatments, it may kill molluscs and is not advised for use with sturgeon. It is very important not to buy one which is larger than you need for the volume of the pool and, in our experience, we would not recommend turning it up above 25% maximum with livestock, especially koi. When first turned on it must be started at a very low setting and turned up in small increments. It is not recommended for use in low temperatures. In spite of all the “don’t’s” we rate this product highly when used properly.

We have been working with Itronics for years with huge success, so if you want to check before you buy or have any problems, then please call us. If we cannot answer your query immediately, we will ring you back with the information you require.

Whilst this product is quite an outlay at first, you do not need to add blanket weed treatments alongside it. Take a look at the Itronic on this link Velda blanketweed controllers ...

If you would like to talk to Peter about your blanket weed problem, or, indeed, any other pond related problem, then please call him on 01564 797 391.