~Frozen Garden Ponds

FROZEN GARDEN PONDS: What to do when your garden fish pond freezes in winter, Top pond fish care for the winter freeze.


This freezing weather is having a disastrous effect on pond fish and equipment. It doesn’t matter if you keep Koi or goldfish the winter freeze can be disasterous for garden fish ponds, they all suffer during icy weather.

Here are some “Winter fish pond do’s and don’ts”, which you may find useful during icy weather:

DO make sure that an area of your pool is free from ice and snow so that the toxic gases can escape and oxygen can enter the pool.    Without sufficient oxygen coming in and poisonous gases escaping it can prove fatal to livestock.  By installing a Pond Heater you will give yourself peace of mind.

Waterfalls left running will form ice clumps, which, in turn, divert water over the sides and the water level of your pool may drop dramatically.  Do not be alarmed if this happens, just divert the water flow straight back into the pool or switch off your waterfall.

In normal circumstances these can be left running continuously during winter, but if you need to turn them off, DO make sure that filter boxes, hoses and ultra violet units have drained thoroughly, otherwise ice will form and damage the equipment.

During such extreme weather conditions, to which we have become unaccustomed, DO keep Air Pumps running as they agitate the water surface and thus that area is less likely to freeze.

DO turn off your Itronic Electronic Blanket Weed Controllers if you have one and install a Winter Stop which allows you to keep the water flowing through it without the electrics on.

DO NOT feed during icy weather

DO NOT be tempted to pour water from the kettle over the ice or break the ice with force, as this badly shocks the livestock

DO NOT stand on an iced pool/lake for safety reasons.

If you need any further advice on this, then please call us on 01564 797 391 for assistance.

Peter Mills
Henley Water Gardens