~Floods and Leaks

Floods, Burst Pipes, Leaks?  BE PREPARED

Floodsax, the sandless sandbag, is a lightweight sandbag alternative that is easy to store, keeps for years and can save you from burst pipes and flooding disasters.  It is the ultimate instant sandbag that doesn’t use sand! 

Peter Mills of Henley Water Gardens says that his fascination with water is boundless!  He normally only concentrates on ponds, fish, lakes etc, but is pleased to share with you a new exciting product HWG are marketing: a self-inflating flood defence product, known as Floodsax – the instant sandbag. 

How many times do you hear people say after the disaster has occurred, “If only  I had known about those before…..”

Floodsax 3  Sand Bags 0

At last, here is a genuine product, which offers a real alternative to the traditional cumbersome sandbag, particularly in terms of ease of handling [it is so lightweight, it can be placed in position even by the elderly and less able], easy storage due to its compactness [small and vacuum-packed and lasts 5 years while stored], and super efficient absorption i.e. absorbs water to 90% capacity in just 3 minutes.

What can Floodsax be used for?

Floodsax can be used to combat a range of problems such as protecting properties, both domestic and commercial, from sudden floodwaters, and even absorbing any water spills, burst pipes, leaks, etc, so are also useful for plumbing and heating engineers and other tradesmen dealing with water spillage.  In terms of flood defence, Floodsax are cleverly designed so they mould into doorways and garages to keep floodwater out.

Who can use them?

Basically everyone, every householder, landlord, tenant and business, should keep Floodsax in their store.   Hundreds of businesses, emergency services and local authorities and householders alike already use Floodsax as an alternative to sand bags for their Flood Defence.  County councils, the Fire Service and Police use them and you can’t get better recommendation than that. 

What Floodsax products are available at Henley Water Gardens?

The Doorpac and Garagepac are both available.  They are very popular in flood prone areas, are ideal for domestic use and you don’t even need to visit us as we can post them to you. 

Buy them singly or in bulk.  Floodsax (box of 20) are available for major ingresses of water for use in both domestic and commercial premises.

Where can I get them?

This product is available from Henley Water Gardens either online or in store. 

Please plan ahead: Buy Floodsax sandless sandbags today ……don’t wait until floods and burst pipes happen.