At Henley Water Gardens, established in Henley in Arden since 2000, we pride ourselves in providing first class pond construction, pond maintenance, pond cleaning, pond refurbishment and pond equipment services throughout Warwickshire, Worcestershire and West Midlands - and sometimes even further afield.


Our expertise and experience, acquired over many years, enables us to provide clients with solutions to most pond problems.


We are very proud of the quality service we give, backed up with the best after-sales service.  Customers often compliment us on this and customer service is paramount to a good working relationship.


Pond Construction


Having constructed numerous pools over decades of years, from the tiniest of garden pools to the largest of koi pools, both residential and business, you can rely on our expertise and reliability.


Initially a free of charge visit to your premises can be arranged to gain an idea of what you are hoping to achieve and then we will work with you by advising on the feasibility of your project, making suggestions, and then put it on paper to provide you with a full written quotation for you to consider.  It could be a wildlife pond or a formal koi pond: it could be raised or in ground: it could be built with concrete, rubber liner or fibre-glassed:  it could need a large state or the art filtration package or a small in-pool filter, a pump, a pond air pump, a pond skimmer, pond lighting: it could be an existing pond in need of refurbishment or one to be constructed.  Whatever the size and type, it does not matter, as we can help you.


Pond Cleaning 


Every so often ponds do need a thorough clean out.  When cleaning a pond, every little detail is attended to, always making sure that your livestock are cared for during the cleaning process in a temporary pond.  During a pond clean we would generally expect to strip the pond down, jet-wash it and remove all debris, trim, tidy or, if required, re-pot plants, strip down and clean all equipment and fully service if required, inspect the fish, dechlorinate the water and add a general pond tonic to make the environment right for your livestock.   Then we tidy up!


Pond Maintenance


Sometimes you are just too busy to maintain your own pond.   We undertake regular pond maintenance plans, from monthly, every two months, annual, spring and autumn or whatever your needs to keep your pond fish and pond equipment: pumps, filters, ultra violet units, skimmers, air pumps in good condition.


Pond Leaks


The most common problems we deal with are leaking ponds, which can be in the pool lining, in waterfalls, streams, plumbing etc.  We can take you through the leak elimination tests to find out where the leak is and then propose a way forward.


Pool Refurbishment


Sometimes ponds become neglected for all sorts of reasons.  We have the knowledge to bring your pond back to life and make it beautiful and enjoyable again.  Perhaps an equipment upgrade or some new planting regime may be required.  


Inherited a Pool and Know Nothing About Them


If you have moved house and inherited a pool and do not know wht to do with it, then we can come out to give you the advice you need.  Just ask!


Pond Equipment


Peter has a wealth of knowledge about all pond equipment and installation, which can be quite complicated especially if the filtration package is large.  What we find in most ponds we visit is that the filter is under specification for the volume of water and the fish stocking levels.  Always get proper advice on this or it may lead to future disappointment or more expense.


Pond Planting


We believe that we provide the best pond plants and the best variety of pond plants in the county, from oxygenating plants, deep water plants, such as lilies, a huge range of DIY and pond-ready plants marginal plants, mature large pond plants, floating plants and bog plants.  We are very knowledgeable about all aspects of pond planting and offer a pond planting service.


Spares and Repairs


Henley Water Gardens carry a huge number of spare parts for many makes of pond equipment, particularly OASE products, which enables us to fix your equipment failures promptly.


Just call us on 01564 797 391 for any further information or to book your pool view.