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FloodSax Door Pac

FloodSax® harness the immense power of water to stop floods.

They absorb water to act just like sandbags, but don't have to be
filled with heavy sand and are designed so they mould into doorways
to keep floodwater out.

Simply immerse the floodbags in water at the scene and their semi-
porous inner liner has hundreds of absorbent crystals which retain
the water against tremendous pressure.

The bags can be folded and take up a tiny amount of storage space
compared to sandbags which are heavy, unwieldy and deteriorate if
stored for a long time. The floodbags weigh hardly anything which
solves any health and safety issues in terms of handling dead
weights such as traditional sandbags.

The bags, which come in two sizes, last for 5 years while stored and
once inflated at the scene stay inflated for 6-8 weeks. They are
UK-manufactured and tested and are ideal for areas vulnerable to
flash floods. They are biodegradable so can be disposed of in
landfill sites.

How They Beat Sandbags

  • No tiny grains like sand to spill out from them
  • Can be expanded in water right next to where you need them
  • Convenient - use a bath, a sink, a bucket, a hosepipe or even the floodwater
  • Easy to store - vacuum packed to save even more room
  • Can be stored in anything from an under stairs cupboard to a vast warehouse
  • Always there for peace of mind. No panic to buy sandbags if a flood is forecast
  • Can be packed up tightly and carried around in tradesmen's vans
  • There immediately for any flooding emergency indoors or out
  • Far cleaner and easier to handle indoors
  • Lightweight before they are used, with the standard bag weighing just 0.2kg
  • Can be used by people who could not lift sandbags
  • Stay expanded for up to 3 months
  • Hundreds can be taken to the scene quickly by one person in a car
  • Thousands can be quickly transported in a van, saving on fuel, wages and manpower
  • Can be stored in small depots around the area, not one huge central store so can be
    taken even more quickly to the scene
  • One can be expanded and put down the toilet to block it from filthy water being
    forced up by the floodwater backing up through the drains and sewer
  • If a flood is imminent and you have FloodSax® stored in your home or at work you
    are in charge of your own fate
  • With FloodSax® it's a case of grab them and go into action
  • FloodSax® don't need sand - one of the earth's natural resources - and so saves
    the environment

    Pack Contents
    Each Door Pack protects a standard doorway against water up to 6 inches deep, and contains;
  • One FloodSax 100cm x 20cm and
  • Four FloodSax 38cm x 38cm

  • One pack cost £39.99

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1.They gave us peace of mind. * * * * *
Posted by J. Cunningham on 27th Aug 2009

We had some sandbags which we brought out of our plant room when we understood there was a risk of flooding with all the heavy rain.

But they were making a right mess of the floor with the sand falling out and were very heavy to move about.
Manual handling techniques are all wrong for sandbags and they are filthy things to shift about.

Leeds City Council was unable to help and advised Julie to contact DIY stores, but none had any sandbags.
So we searched and found FloodSax®. We are right next to the River Aire and were very concerned
it would burst its banks.

They gave us peace of mind.

The FloodSax® were immediately expanded and put into place ready for action
2.Floodsax saved the day * * * * *
Posted by S. Bray on 27th Aug 2009

In late June we were in the unfortunate but not uncommon situation of having a local stream burst its banks and
ended up with water rapidly approaching our warehouse back door.

The FloodSax® saved the day and protected us from any flood damage. One week later they were still stacked up
<>BR> against our back door providing a level of protection we previously didn't have.

Insurer wants £25,000 if home floods

A couple whose home was devastated by last year's floods have been told by their insurer that they must pay
the first £25,000 of any future flooding claim.

Penny and Philip Hall previously had a flooding 'excess' of just £50 on their Norwich Union policy, but they have
been told they need to provide evidence of the flood-proofing of their home if they want the new higher 'excess' cut.

They are not alone. Other flood-stricken homeowners are being cast adrift by insurers who are also demanding
massive increases in their insurance premiums and formal written proof of their flood defences via reports costing
up to £1,000