Oase Bitron Eco 120 Ultra Violet Clarifier...(56769)


Oase Bitron Eco 120 Ultra Violet Clarifier...(56769)

Bitron Eco

The New Power for Clean Water

The revolution among the UVC clarifiers with the highest level of efficiency thanks to an even longer water dwell time. Irradiation times are regulated automatically and thus energy costs are reduced by as much as 50%! The clever cleaning automation ensures permanent, intensive UV irradiation from 120 – 240 W.

»Works with perfected efficiency«

The Bitron Eco becomes one of the most efficient UVC reactors in controlling algae and bacteria, through a combination of strong features, such as irradiation capacity, water dwell time and thorough mixing. All these features together make the powerful innovation perfect.

Patented cleaning rotor:
Via the water flow the cleaning rotor is continuously guided around the quartz glass tube and thus prevents debris from settling.

Automatic bypass control:
The integrated bypass membrane regulates water distribution automatically based on the water flow and thus adapts itself to changing conditions, such as the Seasonal Flow Control system, for example

 Automatic control unit:
It not only shows the actual status of your bulb and the water temperature, it also allows adaptation of capacity depending on the requirement. The UVC operating hours meter shows precisely when a bulb change is required, thus unnecessary costs are avoided.
Closure technology:
The quick-release closure now allows direct access to the bulb without dismounting the quartz glass. Thus replacement of the UVC bulb just takes a few minutes and the filter system can remain in continuous operation.

Lower bulb costs:
Now with unique UVC bulb with 50% longer service life (12000 h) - developed in cooperation with Philips 

»Pioneering when it comes to saving energy«

Use energy sparingly and still work powerfully - the Bitron Eco is an exemplary success in both of these areas. In terms of energy savings, it sets new standards.

Along with pond temperatures, in the course of the year the photosynthesis activity also fluctuates and so do algae growth rates. Simple UVC devices irradiate throughout the year with undiminished capacity and thus waste energy. The Bitron Eco follows the natural course of the year and thus only uses the energy that is required. Pond owners obtain a maximum result, and at the same time they save hard cash and protect the environment!



  • Dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 725 x 227 x 248
  • Voltage 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Power consumption 120 watt
  • Cable length 5m
  • Net Weight 7.9 kilo
  • Guarantee 2 year + 1 request guarantee
  • UVC Power 120watt (2 x 60 watt)
  • UVC Lamp Life 12,000 Hours
  • Temperature Display Digital
  • Automatic Bypass Regulation
  • Quantity inlets x 1
  • Connection Inlet 38mm-50mm (1.5" - 2")
  • Connection Outlet 38mm-50mm (1.5"- 2")
  • Max flow rate 50,000 lph
  • Max pressure 1 bar
  • Suitable for ponds upto 120,000 Litres Without Fish Stocks
  • Suitable for ponds upto   60,000 Litres With Fish Stocks
  • Suitable for ponds upto   30,,000 Litres With Koi Stocks
  • For Connection to Biotec 30+36, Screenmatic 36 + Proficlear Filters or as a stand alone
  • Complete with LED Function Check


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